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Retreats - Bali

We run our own retreats - Our Yoga, meditation, mindfulness & wellness retreat programs are inspired by ancient wisdom and grounded in modern science.

They can assist with stress management, energy healing, physical strength & flexibility, addictions, mindful leadership, gut health, emotional intelligence, increase longevity, successful relationships, disease avoidance but perhaps most of all, cultivating peace and happiness.

It’s about nurturing your whole self. It's a judgment-free, guilt-free space that focus on what brings content to your life. A voyage to get out of the "I need to be fixed" mentality and go deep into the "I am worthy of feeling bliss" mentality.  

All food provided is healthy, organic with a healing menu, but the idea is to enjoy the journey while we feed our body and replenish our souls.


This retreat is one of deep relaxation achieved through inspired and intuitive self-discovery and learning energy techniques to help yourself and others.


As we all know well, in our daily lives, real downtime is sparse and precious. Retreats are the perfect way to optimize the time you have away. It’s also a gift. Not only to yourself but to your family: you’ll come back happier and more relaxed!

Meet the Co-Creator

Marielly Giuliani
Founder & Manager of Ellyvate Retreats

My spiritual awakening happened in 2014, after several tragic events in my life. I had the decision to choose whether to stay at the bottom or use the bottom to support me on my way to the top, and that's what I did.

I used the tragedy to improve myself and I started my journey in Yoga and meditation practice. In 2014 and 2015 I decided to spend time in India to learn yoga at the birthplace of Yoga with a guru who has helped me to reconnect to my inner light. Today Yoga is my lifestyle and there is no turning back.

After experiencing how magical the path of Yoga is, I want to be a link in providing this magic to those who are open and who are seeking the path of awakening to divine consciousness, so the idea of Ellyvate Retreats was born!

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