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Shakti Women's Retreat

15 - 17 September 2023

Watagan Mountain EcoResort - Central Coast

A Journey of reconnection with your true nature 

Welcome to the Shakti Retreat: a transformative and rejuvenating experience exclusively designed for women. During this retreat, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic healing. Join us at the beautiful Watagan EcoResort, just 1.5 hours from Sydney, as we delve into the realms of Yoga, Meditation, and various Healing Practices, Rituals & Ceremony.

Awaken your feminine energy and join us!

Retreat Offerings:

Yoga & Meditation for a deep connection with the body and mind in a gentle and supportive way. 


Healing Practices to restore balance, releaseblockages, and activate your innate healingpotential.


Fire Ritual ~ engage in a transformative ceremony symbolising the release of old patterns and embracing new beginnings. Let goof what no longer serves you and invite positive transformations. 

Cacao Ceremony ~ Honor the sacredness of the cacao plant and its heart-opening properties in an ancient ceremony.

Nourishing Meals ~ enjoy delicious and nutritious food prepared onsite by our chef Ayse. 

Free Time ~ for you to enjoy reading, journalling, Jacuzzi relaxing or simply contemplating nature.

Who is the retreat for?

Shakti Retreat is specifically designed for women who seek a deeper connection with their divine feminine essence. Whether you are looking to relax, rejuvenate, or restore your energy, this retreat offers a sacred space to cultivate self-love, inner peace, and empowerment. 

Our intention is for you to leave this retreat feeling more alive, grounded, and aligned with your authentic self. 

Through the practices and teachings shared by Liana and Paula, you will gain valuable tools and insights to integrate into your day-to-day life.


Shakti Retreat will take place at the serene and beautiful Watagan Private mountainEcoResort, nestled in the heart of 40 acres of private wilderness with absolute privacy and seclusion, just 1.5h drive from Sydney. Enjoy breathtaking views and cozy accommodations.


The Homestead:
  • Bedroom 1: 2 x Single Beds

  • Bedroom 2: 4 x Single Beds

  • Bedroom 3: 4 x Single Beds (2x Bunks)

  • 2 Bathrooms

The Studio:

  • Bedroom 1: 3 x Single beds 

  • Bedroom 2: 3 x Single Beds (1 Bunk + 1 Single Bed)

  • Bathroom and separate toilet. 

Investment & Payment Plan


Early bird - before 1 July 23 

AUD 896 ~ Early Bird 

AUD 299 Holding Deposit Fee** 

AUD 597 paid by 15/July/23


Payment plan - after 1 July 23:

AUD 1196 ~ Payment Plan:

AUD 299 Holding Deposit Fee** 

AUD 299 paid by 07/July/23

AUD 299 paid by 28/July/23

AUD 299 paid by 18/August/23


** holding deposit fee is NOT refundable, but can be transferred




Cancellation / Refund Policy

*Holding Deposit Fee is not refundable, but it can be transferred.

If cancel before 28/July/2023: 70% of the amount paid is refundable {except deposit fee}.

If cancel before 15/August/2023: 40% of the amount paid is refundable {except deposit fee}.

If cancel after 15/August/2023 no refund applicable** {**Conditions applied}

Please note you can transfer your payment to someone else.

Meet the Co-Creators

Paula Sarcinella
Sacred Living Coaching & Healing

Paula is a passionate and highly qualified Therapist, Healer and Teacher. She is fascinated about everything Nature Cosmos Energy Mind Body Spirit.


She has dedicated the last 2 decades of her life to study, master and embody a vast mix of Personal Growth, Modern and Ancient Healing modalities, such as: Neurolingüistic Programming, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Reiki, Energy Healing, Access Bars, Shamanism, Sacred Feminine, Quantum Healing, Positive Psychology, Kinesiology, Lomi Lomi Massage just to name a few. Paula is also a Yogi and teacher of Hatha and Yin Yoga.


Her soul mission is to Empower People and Transform lives. Through her Workshops, Healing Circles and Individual Sessions, she facilitates healing and transformational journeys that help people reconnecting with their Soul’s Truth, their spiritual Power and their Inner Guru of Wisdom, Light and Love.

Liana has been involved with Yoga and Meditation since a young age. In 1999 she decided to deepen her practice and felt that she needed to share with the world what she was experiencing.


Since then she has been touching people's hearts and inspiring lives to those whose crossed her path.


Liana consider herself as an endless student with a broad baggage in courses, trainings, workshops - not only in Yoga field, but also on healing techniques and therapy. She is also a mother to Benjamin. Motherhood, as she says, is a “quantum leap” where she is learning much more about being a better person through self love. She can experience a deeper level of connection not only with herself and her family but with her classes and students. She has a unique way of linking her knowledge of the chakras with emotions and the practice of yoga itself, making her classes a unique & transformative experience!

Liana Linhares
Healing Yoga
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